The time has come for your big move. It can be too easy to get caught up in the moment-to-moment tasks of packing and moving, but to make your big move successful, you need to think about the unpacking process. How you pack and sort at the start of your move will directly impact your move’s outcome. To avoid the stress of chaotic unpacking or worse, to stave off unpacking procrastination, use these tips on unpacking after a big move.

Unpacking Tips

The Item Edit

There are two times when you should critically examine your stuff; the most important edit comes during the packing phase. You can avoid packing up too many unnecessary items by thinking carefully about where the items will ultimately go. It’s easy to accumulate a lot of things over the years, but that doesn’t mean all of those things deserve to go to your new home. Cull out any damaged or badly worn items first. Then pull items in good condition that you no longer want. You can sell these items online or in a garage sale, or even donate them.

If you have done a thorough edit of your household before the move, then the second edit will be quick and far less painful. As you unpack, you might realize that certain things are not necessary for your new home. This should be a far smaller pile than your first edit. Have a box for these items near the front door. You can add things to the box as you unpack the rooms, rather than having them sit in piles or cluttering your new space.

Consider Calling the Pros

Time might be of the essence, or you might have other concerns that make it difficult for you to unpack yourself. A professional moving company like International Van Lines can help with the unloading and the unpacking process. Many also provide organization services or work with organizing companies. You may have small children or a disability that prevents you from the physical work of unpacking. A professional moving company can step in to fill that gap.

Another way that professional movers help speed up the unpacking process is by helping you to organize your things in the first place. You can call pro movers to come in and sort and pack your household. They will carefully label each box so there is no confusion about which room the box goes into after the move.

Go All In

It can be difficult to focus but try to unpack one room at a time. You might try to unpack a little in each room, but this can end up becoming counterproductive. Start with the rooms you’ll use first and unpack them completely before moving on to the next room. For most people, unpacking the bathroom and the bedrooms first makes sense. Everyone needs the bathroom, and getting a good night’s sleep will ensure you are fresh for your second day of unpacking.

Think Big Picture

Don’t get bogged down in a room trying to arrange the knickknacks perfectly. Instead, get each box unpacked and the furniture in the general area you want it, and then move to the next room. Once you unpack the whole house you can arrange everything exactly the way you like. Trying to get a room perfect is one of the best ways to procrastinate on the rest of the house. Next thing you know, you’ve spent the whole day in one room. The longer you wait to get to certain areas of the house, the harder it will be to make yourself follow through.

Keep Kids Busy

Older kids can be a big help: Don’t be afraid to set them clear tasks to work on. They can move boxes or unpack their things in their rooms. Getting them involved can cut your unpacking time. However, smaller kids can add to the unpacking time if bored or by needing a great deal of attention. You can have them pack toys in a suitcase that they have easy access to when you arrive in your new home. This will help you and the children avoid searching for a favorite toy among the boxes.

Because smaller children might keep you busy during the day, you may have to be strategic about when you pack and unpack. The evening or early morning might be better times for you to tackle productivity while the kids are sleeping. Another option is to have someone you trust to take the kids and entertain them while you get down to business.

Your Big Move, Simplified

You don’t have to be afraid of the unpacking process. With planning, it can go much more quickly and smoothly than you think. Create a plan ahead of time and know which rooms you want to tackle first. Get help if it is available with children. Be thorough in editing your stuff before you pack up and have a critical eye when you unpack it. You can make your big move successful by getting to work right away.